The Untold Truth About Money

Money is good, money is not good, the difference is - not, the interesting part of it, is when you use it wisely and have dominion over it.

In this advanced age of technology around the world, money is the most common issues on the minds of we beings.

Money controls 90 percent of the world today.

Nowadays, even a new born child knows the digits in a coin and in a note of money.

It's so sad to see how money has enslave the likes of human kind into a trap for many years and later realise it was all nothing to gain.

Imagine this;

After chasing the money to make a fortune for your self and later found it in the hands of a stranger who didn't worked for it.

So which is it?

Well, there is this part in a movie you don't see. Indeed, everything is meaningless under the sun.

Everything Is Meaningless

In the book of ecclesiastics - chapter 1 verse 2 found in the bible, gives a pure view of how meaningless our days on earth is.

With no doubts, almost all the happening things are meaningless, if you take a deep look around, you will find how the world buried a lot of ascent secrets.

The truth is;

No one is born free, you just wake up and found you are enslaved to something else, Some are tired to their dreams, while others are interested in money, and other hobbies.

Hmmm...there is so much to say but i have other things to do, i will be back soonest, better still, it will be better you do some research for your self like looking into the holy scripture called the bible.

The Untold Truth And Nature Of Sin

Sin is like a delicious meal, it gives you an irresistible taste through its aroma, if you feed from it, your dopamine will receive a random collection of its feels.

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