The Untold Truth And Nature Of Sin

Sin is like a delicious meal, it gives you an irresistible taste through its aroma, if you feed from it, your dopamine will receive a random collection of its feels.

Once you are addicted, it will be part of you, taking from you, piece by piece.

It works every Moment, Steps, Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Months, Even Years, once your life is wasted, it leaves for another target.

It has been living on the minds of every living being, imprisoning their soul into an ancient slumber.

It has turned them into it's own slaves, and make them do its own deeds.

The only time they will realise this, is when it has taken so much more from them, and when they are awaken from their ancient slumber.

It takes 21 - 30 days or even more before it leaves, this depends on how you chase it, if you succeed, it's goes for Plan B.

It's plan and purpose is to drag as much as many as it can take to abyss.

The more it occupy your mind, the more it imprisoning your soul.

It's strength is your weakness and your strength is it weakness.


You will need to understand its Strength - Purpose - Weakness and then create a Weapon that will fight against it.

REMEMBER - It Has No Power To Force You Into Sin, Only By Influencing Your Free Will Can Lead You Into It.

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Anonymous said...

Waw! Your Little words says so much about Sin...Please Update This Blog With More Contents.